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A solo bike ride from Sydney to Perth in less than 10 days: Can Tristan break the world record?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Day 2 - Wagga Wagga to Balranald

Quite the eventful day today.

Firstly, Amanda and Pauline called to say the Tarago had a flat battery...and of course being stupid o'clock in the morning no one was around (or if they were, they were sleeping like normal people - yes, we're jealous of you all) to help! So Taryn and Kelly left Tristan to fight the elements on his own in order to help out. Luckily one of the 24 hour petrol stations were able to lend us some jump leads. Hurrah! Mission accomplished. Thanks Wagga Wagga Caltex!

And then... Tristan got a puncture and was left in the rain on his own for almost 30min trying to hail someone down to help. Eventually Farmer Joe (I don't really know that his name was Joe, but it sounds good!) found the back support car to give him another wheel. Oops about that! Looks like the support team need a new plan with the leap frogging! Crisis over. Thanks Farmer Joe!


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